Children of the revolution

photography, installation, 2012.





projection on a building in Zagreb


Max Art festival, Zagreb

Installation made of 2 documentary photos.

The first one is from the 1988th , and there's the author and her fourth grade class of elementary school Petar Preradovic from Zagreb. They were photographed in front of the statue of Comrade Tito (Josip Broz Tito) at his birth place Kumrovec.

Second photo is taken in 1998th , and in it we see famous 'Dinamo' (famous Croatian football club from Zagreb) graffiti from Trnje (a Zagreb district), in front of which the children from the neighborhood all have hands outstretched in the Nazi salutation.

This work attempts to portray the ideological guidelines that have shaped two generations, because the ideological guidance were often completely opposite ones, even conflicting each other (Socialism vs Nazism).

This work is interested in examination on how these ideologies affected the development and character of the people and how have they influenced them, their area, the area of the city and state, and, if they did, in what ways.