Self combustion

performance, 2003







Močvara, Zagreb

In total darkness, I was in the center of the stage, with two 'Kuroses' by my left and right sides, holding candles in front of their genitals. In front of me was an 'altar' on which three books were to be burnt, The Holy Bible, The Koran and The Bhagavad Gita. When I started to burn them, page by page, I lit Kuroses candles, so fire started to enlighten the space.

Space was full of smoke and ashes and people were spontaneously 'crying' and could not endure the atmosphere. A black cat was eating something under my desk-altar.

After the burning was done, Kuroses were lifting candles to their chest and the light was on. I used some clay to gather all ashes and made a phallic symbol out of it. Kuroses left candles by it, and performance was over.

Idea was taken from the Muslim legend that if you burn a Koran a single word will be left over that cannot be burnt, and that word will be name of the God, not different from Him.


Kuros 1: Siniša Premužić 

Kuros 2: Andrija Turčin 

photos by Marijan Crtalić and Jutarnji list