performance, installation, video, 2009.

photo by Boris Cvjetanović


photo by Davor Mezak



photo by Jutarnji list


A saying that inspired this work is the 'lady in the street, housewife in the kitchen, whore in the bed' - those are the three female stereotypes that patriarchal culture tries to impose as archetypes.

Such a view on women is not only a problem of 'backwardness', neoconservatism etc., but is also ingrained in consumerism (capitalism), supporting which holds quite a number of industrial products, not to mention that it generates needs which are the basis of the entire hirerachy of our social order, with men on top and women on the bottom.

In the performance the suit was made out of VHS tape, which is the medium, but also a product that has survived and won market thanks to the pornography industry (VHS vs. Betamax, the latter refused to qualify for pornographic content and, therefore, lost competition).

The video installation that follows the performance, consists of 3 movie cuts :

The first video - lady stereotype - consists of clips taken from CNNa - Lady Diana marriage to Prince Charles ;

Second video - whore stereotype - the clips from the porn movie 'Dream Quest ', with Jenna Jameson starring ;

The third video - stereotype of housewive and mother - clips from the movie 'One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away', with Mirjana Bohanec as a housewife and Actress.